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"We want to introduce our products and our company and provide information on our product development, for the English-speaking world."
Increasingly, more and more companies are beginning to find this necessary.
U-be is responding to those wishes, and has started developing sites in English.
Recently the quality of translation software has improved, but it remains that there are many sentences that cannot be expressed correctly.
We endeavor to produce engaging websites in natural English, translated by native English speaking staff.
Shouldn't your company too have a web presence aimed at the English-speaking world?
A native speaker who has passed Level 1 of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (Currently called Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N1), along with Japanese staff work together on translations, and publicize your company's products and services in natural English to the English-speaking world.
//The requirements for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test can be found here.
When we take on your project, we will research English sites with similar products and services, check the latest trends, and formulate your site's content accordingly. It will be a site in natural English, but not only that, it will also be a highly engaging site that will captivate customers.
We also provide a translation service for inquiries made through your English site. If there is no English speaker employed by your company, extra costs can be avoided, as there is no need to hire an in-house specialist.
We can handle site production through to site maintenance, and offer follow-up support. This eliminates the need to deal with multiple service providers and thus the time period from translation to content being included on the site is minimized.
Development of new Japanese and English websites
We can develop both your Japanese and English language sites, ensuring a consistent design across the board.
Japanese and English website redesign
We can construct a site that takes into account your current site's problems in addition to your new requirements.
English-language website
We can construct an English-language website based on your current Japanese-language website.
Capsule English-language website development
We can make a site that includes only the information you would like to convey, translated into English. This option is suitable when a website as comprehensive as your Japanese-language website is not required.
English Correspondence Support (Optional)
After the English-language website is in place, we can provide ongoing support, translating inquiries that are sent to your company. This allows your company to reduce running costs, as employing staff with English ability is not necessary.
Please refer to the banner below for details.
We also offer other services. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding any inquiries you might have.
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